Unique Tv Stand Ideas From Codarus

TV stands are very functional. There are many such projects and e fully know how to distinguish between them. The TV stand is one of them. This it doesn’t really fulfill a double function. However, when it comes to designing such a thing there are a few unique options available and Homedit found our very own solution for those entertainment enthusiasts that really want to have a TV stand.

Unlike typical entertainment centers, tv stands for the living room can also be used for more private spaces such as bedrooms or an office. This one was designed to serve as a pirate ship stand but its most interesting part is the cable serving as a shelf.

Unique Tv Stand Ideas From Codarus Photo 2

T etc shaped like blocks were used to make this stand but you can also use simple cubbies as well. In the center a shelf was created and its role is to act as a shelf.

The dimensions of this wall-mounted TV stand are 56” w x 27.25” d x 48”h. It’s made from manufactured wood and it can be made at your choice of material. It’s a very interesting and unique design and the effect is spectacular. It’s also a very versatile piece. You can successfully incorporate this piece in any room that has a high ceiling. You can use the table as a storage area for DVD collections, books, etc. and the same goes for other wall mounted pieces that might serve as decorations.Available for 476 euros.

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