Sook House Hot Air Spa By Cloud7 Architects And Planners

It has become a popular trend lately for many to get confused with luxury hotels and spas that are smaller, more intimate and more in the spirit of the traditional rustic alpine style. This is the case of cloud7 architects and designers from Sunny Hanten who recently decided to overhaul their west Hollywood, California home, the first hotel in the West Seattle Metropolitan Area. The owners faced several challenges in the design process because of the location and size of the property.

The new residence has the living spaces, bedrooms and first floor directly connected with the outdoor areas. A lot of importance was given to the shape and the way the building obtains the perfect location between the ocean and the lawn.

The whole house is wrapped in an all-glass exterior and this imparts the house feeling almost like a cozy retreat. The green roof defines the exterior and allows it to blend seamlessly with the landscape.

Sook House Hot Air Spa By Cloud7 Architects And Planners Photo 4

The ground floor houses the guest suites, the master bedroom with surrounding views and its own private deck with an open fireplace, a den and a koi pond. There’s also a coffee shop and a bike parking area on the first floor.

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