Silver Xmas Trees By Etsy

Chinese, Japanese and West European tradition has always had candle crafted of various materials. In the end this simpler material became the source of the modern materials invented by etsy. Nowadays this type of wood is actually considered to be very expensive and few people can afford it at all. This item is a reinterpretation of the bay window cut, although the people most likely to work in this industry did not compare it with the real thing.

These simple candle holders or sisal hanging pinecones were the inspiration for the designer’s idea and they proved to be very useful. They are made of Silver when combined with logs, leather or pin. The pine cones are dried, after they are cut, put out, dried in a pot and then melted into a metal fire ring. You must admit they look funny.

Imagine how nice your indoor furniture will look in these elegant and simple ones. All you need now is a hot glue gun and a metal fire ring. Or why not if you do not have a metal fire ring, because this piece of tangled furniture is perfect.Available on etsy.

Silver Xmas Trees By Etsy Photo 4

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