Laufen Sinks By ErikOlsson

The new sink collection by Swedish designer ErikOlsson is defined by strong lines and a simple, eye-catching design. The design of this stylish sink stands out through the pure, harsh materials used to create it: reclaimed or recycled brick, concrete and polished white marble. The sink collection was meant to highlight refinement, high quality and exquisite modern design throughout the Nordic designed. Its simple shape and beautiful and graphic lines draw attention immediately.

The sink collection is composed of different shapes and designs. They form a series with a naturally curved front which makes this sink very special. It has a very simple shape but this is exactly what makes it special and such an important part of the collection.

The design of the sink is very refreshing. It’s based on the naturally occurring materials and their crystalline and deflated states. The crystalline states are bordered by blocks of colored glass. The sinks have a beautiful java finish both in white and black. The washbasins feature beautifully sculpted openings similar to those on the walls. The washbasins feature functional drawers with individual handles with traces of the same color.

The base of the sink is made of beautiful Venetian lava stone. The vanity is made of natural slate and the sink is carved directly from the stone. The wall and sink fixtures are black with a lacquer finish. Each sink is different and serves as a pedestal for the sinks. The base also features a trough for accessories. The sinks available in three sizes are flat, oval and rectangular and feature an elegant marble top. The basin is made from handmade stone from the Quin plateau in Southess with accompanying desert tiles.

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