White Farmhouse Kitchens – The Mesmerizing Combination Of Styles And Materials

The farmhouse kitchen is typically the home appliance that sits in front of the stove or stove, laundry room, sink and a whole lot of other appliances. Mixing well with a rustic style or a modern kitchen is usually easier with a white kitchen. With so many styles and materials, it’s easy to mix and match them. These white farmhouse kitchens are a great example of how to use different finishes and textures to make a space seem larger and more like a social area.

This kitchen has dark colored wooden floor and white wall tiles that create an open and airy look. The walls have different color and texture to match the beautiful minimalist furniture pieces. The whole kitchen has something special to offer. This country-style country-style kitchen is very beautiful and feels open and airy. It looks bright and airy just like a cozy living space.

White Farmhouse Kitchens – The Mesmerizing Combination Of Styles And Materials Photo 2

The light colors create the impression of bigger spaces and the fact that the whole kitchen seems bigger makes this kitchen seem seem more airy and spacious makes it seem even larger. This can be a great combo if you’re aiming at creating a minimalist, contemporary and functional décor. This stunning farmhouse kitchen was remodeled by Washington, D.C.-based interior designer Mary Kavay Fredericks on remodeling an older residence.

The white farmhouse kitchen is exactly what a fresh start needs to be. Once you’ve remodeled it, you’re aware of the colors and materials and yet the décor remains the same. Notice that this kitchen has an open feel to it. For the dining room, light wood is the main color while glass has been a major contributing factor for the overall décor, giving the space a very airy and spacious feel.

White Farmhouse Kitchens – The Mesmerizing Combination Of Styles And Materials Photo 4

This kitchen is also a reflection of the designer’s imagination. It’s chic and simple but it doesn’t lack the accent details that allow it to shine. The large windows let in plenty of natural light which gives the kitchen bright and airy. Moreover, the contrasts are quite stylish as well. We’re talking about those cantilevered shelves/ storage compartments above the windows which have this continuous look. In this case there’s also another detail that makes this kitchen even more beautiful: the open shelves which can be seen throughout the space.

The color palette in this case differs from thePicture and Picture area. The latter is composed of bright pinks, yellows and even blues. Notice that the colors are quite bright and happy despite the fact that there’s no furniture in the room. Also, the blue ceiling looks amazing in addition to being full of pitch black walls. I really like the use of accent colors in this décor but also in all the individual elements throughout the space. I particularly like how the grey, blue, white and black and white furniture combination interacts with the warm wood flooring and the orange features and accessories. Of course, all these contrasting elements are balanced out by a lovely balance of colors.

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