Modern Koi Pond In Dubai

A while ago we showed you a beautiful contemporary garden designed by Gray Studio. It was a small but sweet pond that was meant to bring the outdoors in. The project was called The koi pond and resulted in a flat addition with a koi pond inside. The pond was a project by Gray Studio.

The project was called “Koi” and as you can imagine such a small area with a very beautiful nature and some beautiful flowers would be a real delicacies for the koi. The positive feedback was great. The drain had to be replaced so that the koi would not be able to enter otherwise. Also, the drain had to be replaced as soon as the koi was installed in the pond. They are indeed ready to come home. The koi fish were love at first but it’s definitely more difficult to take care of a pet that doesn’t like to stay in water.

The pond was especially designed to resemble a pond. It has several levels with different sizes and textures and the water can either flow through or go through aurt.

Such a unique pond would look beautiful in a beach house, as long as it’s in a protected area. The koi fish are the closest to you so it’s wonderful that they have the biggest fenced-in terrace. This way you can enjoy a nice chat with your loved ones while admiring the beautiful surroundings.

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