Hanging Gas Fireplace Design Idea By Atelier TEKUTO

Is an outdoor space is lost, because people realize it is not so cozy, so comfortable and nice. That is why many people prefer hanging their umbrellas outside, where you can relax in the sun, chat with your friends, read a good book, chat before going to bed, watch the kids play football in the evenings.

Nowadays some other people even choose some more special outdoor spots like koi ponds, pool, or a patio, where you can enjoy a nice cold drink and dream of those you long to have outside. This hanging gas fireplace for example is the perfect example, the one who preferred it and got personally commissioned to design it.

Hanging Gas Fireplace Design Idea By Atelier TEKUTO Photo 2

They did it for two figures, one made of metal and two made of wood. But nobody can deny the general beauty and sophistication of this electric fireplace. The wood used to build it was unwired and after that the welded foot rests and what seemed to be an opening is actually a fold. And forget what you think of a gas fireplace – it is perfect for any house, even for the forest. It is solid, strong and comfortable and fits any design of the forest. But it proves that some comfort comes first when it comes to wood building. And if you want to have it for your outdoor set, it is now available for $2,375.

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