Beautiful Nightstands Made Of Reclaimed Wood

This beautiful nightstand has a very simple design that manages to capture the essence of the concept. It features a minimalist structure with a rustic feel. It also offers the user the freedom to feel just about anything by just looking at it. The nightstands are piece of furniture that have been carefully created to be a versatile and comfortable pieces of furniture.

The shape and dimensions of the nightstand are as follows: the longer side is large enough to accommodate a large lamp and the smaller side is small enough to fit under the bed to serve as a night lamp. The top of the nightstand is also large. This makes it very versatile and it allows it to be sued as a small table. It’s one of the features that make this item so unique and versatile.

The nightstands are crafted in the USA. They are hand-finished and aged wood veneer. The nightstands have a great visual impact. They add warmth to the décor of the bedroom and they’re also a very great accessory if you like that vintage feel. The dimensions of the nightstand vary. In fact, they’re actually quite generous. You can have a double bed such as this one. It’s a great addition to any bedroom. You can also experiment with other styles. A contemporary bedroom could use one of these. We have the perfect examples to inspire you.

Another style could be the vintage design. These nightstands are not rustic but they are cozy and inviting. Also, their black and white design is beautiful and modern. You could easily include one of these in a dining room or even in the bedroom. You could also use them on the hallway, in the entryway but also on the street.

This is a collection of three different nightstands. All the three stand out and look modern and colorful. They look like beautiful edibles and their white and aqua lacquered frame add a very cute and fresh touch to the décor. The nightstands are made of wood. The dimensions are 58.5?(curved) x 18?(shiny) x 28?(arc) and the drawer pulls are very slim.

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