Loft In House, Gallery And Reading Room

This inviting loft is located in the heart of Tribeca, in Manhattan, New York. It’s situated on the 11th floor of the building so it’s very inviting and cozy. The loft is situated on the 45th floor. The loft is currently available for rent. Here you can see how a reading room, a bedroom, a home office or a reading hallway could potentially look stylish.

The penthouse comes with a refrigerated ice maker wine cellar, home theater, a temperature-controlled wine cooler, free WIFI wine storage, a queen size bed and laundry list of great features that would make the loft friendlier to a family. Moreover there’s wi fi, a massive bookcase with built-in speakers, flat panel TV and a lot of other great features.

The staircase is also one of the most eye-catching features. It’s a collection of picture frames created using metallic gold foil. They have been glued and mounted onto a sleek metal plate with wavy bands that cover the frame and add a touch of style. The plates are a blend of texture and glossy glaze and they have nickel wood frames and polished chrome hardware.

This ingenious loft also has an unusual design from a catwalk. Underneath the canopy is an actual retractable glass drop. This also makes the loft the size of the retractable canopy in which the bed sits. Underneath the canopy there’s a shower stall. The loft has a built-in subwoofer and speakers and it can be used as a home office, workshop, study or living room.

Attic is a very cozy and inviting loft. It features natural stone walls and a ceiling void. In addition, the sloping roof allows natural light to penetrate in a very beautiful way throughout the loft. The choice of materials is typical to Nordic spaces but modern and contemporary touches can also be seen here as well. The loft features an open floor plan with the kitchen and dining spaces. It’s a large open space with a stylish credenza, oversized wood box nightstands, chic black and white tiles and an amazing chandelier. Other highlights are the high ceilings, white lacquered walls, a Bada blue chandelier and straight-edge bookcase.

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