Living Rooms With Dark Wood Floors – Amazing Design Ideas

The wood that defines these interior design details, the dark wood flooring, the dark wood wall, the dark wood pieces of furniture and the dark wood floors are extraordinary. They give warmth to this small space and offer a pleasant feeling that can be appreciated throughout the entire home. Well, we certainly did not expect the huge, double-storey living room that shares the same Ariel terrace with the dining room and the three bedrooms that also have air-condition in only one room.

The living room has an impressive dimensions, indeed. It is not at the center, but is simply decorated on a unique and original platform, through which the breeze floats the room, matching the color of the walls. The black leather sofa is the only item of furniture with an imposing presence, the open space next to it being nothing short of spectacular.

Living Rooms With Dark Wood Floors – Amazing Design Ideas Photo 2

The adjacent dining room has a gorgeous large glass table with black chairs and perfect white counter tops. The room is large, exquisite and exclusive, and it is only 976 square feet, but the feel of this place is stunning thanks to the lightness of its floors, the pure white walls and the impeccable ensemble in tones of gray.

Living Rooms With Dark Wood Floors – Amazing Design Ideas Photo 3

In the kitchen, the cabinets and shelves are all white, whether we are talking about the cabinets in the kitchen or the shelves in the living room. Industrial light fixtures have been added to the mix to provide extra light. In this space, the design allows the TV to stand out beautifully, the living room color to be dark with black, and the gray curtains to add a touch of color in a simply elegant way.

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