Coloured Themed Party Balloons – DIY Chic Whites

If you think balloons will ever forget how they look like, then you should definitely check out these chic white party balloons. We particularly love these and these DIY chic whites because they’re nostalgic and fun. Literally, they’re white from the tip of their fingers and are replace the party paraphernalia. We found this full set on Brightcloudblue and we love all the original handcrafted details, from the bunting to the twine “butterfly” garland, the mini candies, the donuts, to the strawberry scented garland, the complete list of instructions, Gunmetal DIY or Funky Junk Classies. If you made this party scene in your own home, we’d love to hear about your DIY options. Tell us more about this amazing set of party decor tips and extra features in the comment section at Decoist.

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