Very Small Coffee Table By Laura Alvarez-Emartini

If you love to have a coffee table in the living room, then you should take care of the little things. Perhaps you’ll prefer larger pieces of furniture such as a coffee table that takes little space and is also very comfortable and soft. Such is the case of this very small coffee table design created by Laura Alvarez-Emartini.

This is a table that can be used either as a coffee table or simply as a display area for decorations. The space directly adjacent to the living room needs to be the center of attention so it would be useful to arrange some decorative objects on it so that they can be nicely balanced. Since this is not a very big space, the design is simple and casual.

I particularly enjoy the way the two table share a similar color palette and form. Also, given the fact that the design is quite simple, the decorations are very simple as well. The item measures only 45cm long and 14cm long. Two small birds that sit on the table can be purchased for the price of ipf 48.20 euros.Available on Anthropologie.

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