Barn Home Designs By Meyer Davis Studio

A home you can be proud of is the fact that it got to be designed and built there. Quite literally, the principle used to make the furniture for the barn is the one you use when building your home. Still, it doesn’t have to look perfect and every detail needs to be carefully chosen. We have found four beautiful and very simple bathroom interiors.The first one is a lovely barn bathroom. It was designed by architect Peter Hansen and it features vintage elements combined with modern details. The designer took advantage of the materials involved in the décor to offer functionality in a simple and charming way.

The bathroom also features an elegant armoire with a sleek and curving design. The armoire provides plenty of storage space for all the toiletries and products necessary for the bathroom renovation. The armoire is also used as a towel rack and has a vintage look defined by the delicacy of the horizontal lines and the smoothness of the color. The grey tiled floor identifies this space also given for another coat rack.The bathroom also has a series of vintage containers kept strictly one thing: on the countertop and the recessed corner. They represent the vintage elements that are reminiscent of the old times. These containers are quite rare in the area which is not a very good reason for such a beautiful vintage item.

The second vintage piece we present is the Captain’s set. The dimensions of this bathroom sink are 2.80?x 4.90?x 4.90?. The stainless steel frame provides durability and strength, making this a very strong and durable piece of furniture. The idea was to keep the space simple and clean and using simple and durable materials without using unnecessary details. In the kitchen, the sink is covered with a very simple chrome stud frame. The wood putty and the decorative concrete create a balanced look and allowing the sink to retain its simple design without obtaining a complex look. See the rest of the pictures in the second part of the post.Available on neolith.

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