Wall Unit Tv Entertainment Center

Sometimes the only way to have a practical and functional wall unit is in the case of TVs. Nowadays we have TV screens only and when you need it all means you need to find a place for it. In the old days everything was possible. We still have our TVs, our computer, our mirrors and even have a game unit or a media room. This is why a very ingenious and original idea came when searching for a TV wall unit. The designer of this piece dubbed the Wall unit had this very purpose and the idea was really ingenious. It shows that you don’t need a wall for your TV and you can have everything you want or can even grow plants instead of living on the ground.

The Wall unit has a natural stone finish and inside it features sliding doors that can be fixed to the outside of the wall in any way you like. This means you don’t have to take up space when you have a TV inside. You simply need to mount the TV on the door panel.

Wall Unit Tv Entertainment Center Photo 2

And the best thing about this wall unit is that it offers you all the functions you need and the advantage of more space. You can even opt for a built-in TV set. The Modul chose that solution. This way the TV will fit perfectly into the box but you’ll still have all the functions you need on it plus you’ll have all the plugs and cables pre-drilled. It’s a great solution for small homes.

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