Raised House In Brazil With Pool And Trees In The Backyard

This house that was designed in 2017 by the architects Carlos and Paolo Baldanger is located in plain sight in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The project was, from the start, keeping natural phenomena and also maximizing the use of nature. The garden, pond and reservoir have become part of the urban. Apart from the garden, also, there is a pond that flows to a pond, between the house and the pool. A lush forest, which also has forest gardens surrounding the house, creates a natural environment visual and also balçt.

The garden

The house is wrapped by trees, which provide shade and privacy to the house. The trees create a spectacle like any other typical forest, where trees cut through the site, creating a landscape.

Raised House In Brazil With Pool And Trees In The Backyard Photo 3

Inside, the living/dining room is a floating volume, with a ceiling pierced by three windows. It is open from the front and the back with wood under it. On the right side of the dining room, the kitchen is located, due to its height, and has a small wall with wooden slats that allow plants to be planted.

The floor is done in a light wood but, although it has wood paneling on its walls, it has no colorful or colored furniture. Throughout the space, the concrete provides a great visual contrast with the concrete ceiling.

Raised House In Brazil With Pool And Trees In The Backyard Photo 5

The bedroom

The concrete ceiling floats with its concrete base and takes on a white color. Here, however, wood has been used, creating a neutral background and integrating the floor into the design of the room.

All the wood paneling is white, one skin and then another, and thus completes the space with stain and sealant. The bedroom has a small wooden deck—an out of the way shower—where tree trunks are stacked for shade and privacy.

The bathroom is the only room without wood, visually separated with no real other material. The shelf, the only purely decorative element in the space, is made of steel, glass and wood, and sits on a lustrous surface.

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