Natural Stone Benchtops From Pervas&de: A Small Set

The natural stone benches are extremely versatile. They have a specific texture and shape and they produce their own patterns and variations. This is another example of how you can use the natural stone in interior décor. This set of three benches only produces the impression of a cozy, casual interior. The collection also includes a circular ottoman in which you can put your feet up and relax. The bench doesn’t have arms or legs so it’s for practical purposes only.

This cozy seating nook features a very lovely dark blue wood frame which turns it into a sort of chic vintage bench. And since the bench is made of natural stone, soft fabrics and distressed wood are perfect for the occasion.

The same bright color and modern finish are also defining characteristics of this collection. Nomadic patterns are predominant and they are quite easy to match to modern and contemporary interior. Wood, stone and glass are the base elements of this particular bench. On one hand, the dimensions of the bench are meant to be comfortable, but on the other hand the materials, the finishes, the shapes and the way in which the benches are integrated into a set create a warm and inviting space, balanced and sleek design.

The bench completes a room with an elegant and colorful interior. The color palette is balanced by the neutral grey walls and antique hardwoods furniture accents. Both the bench and the chairs are height-adjustable designs, high back shapes and rounded shapes. This set is just a prototype, it’s available on Moma. The dimensions without unnecessary decorations are enough to turn this into a chic piece of furniture worthy of special attention.

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