House With Gardens Just In Front Of The Lake

The house that you see in the pictures is located in Ontario, Canada. It was designed by Rick Shean of Atelier Workshop Inc. near Seattle. As the house wasums, the owners approached Shean and see how they would wish their new home to look like. The response was a very modern and original one. The house was to be composed of two primary volumes. They aimed to build a big space for entertaining mostly on 4th of July. As concerning the interior, the layout is very simple but practical. The kitchen and the living room are in the main block and the bedroom and the playroom in the back. A central core was created in concrete in order to keep the design simple and unfiner.

The ground floor is simple and mostly mostly made of wood. The upper level is designed as a timber structure that creates the effect of floating above the deck. The house has three levels that make it a very modern design, with some curves. This makes it very efficient and practical. The bedrooms are combined with living spaces which include a kitchen and a dining area. The house’s exterior is also made of wood, just like the interior, but in a simpler and more classic way.{pics by Michael Moran}.

House With Gardens Just In Front Of The Lake Photo 2

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