Bathroom Tiles Photos By Elías Rizo & Eduardo De Renter, Studio 7

Gutgalamir, a graphic design studio specialized in amazing interior design, has recently designed this fun bathroom tiles collection. It was necessary to change the décor because this space appeared to be taken out of a catalog. The walls have got grey essence while the tiles provide a nice contrast with green bathtubs, designed by Eduardo Molina for B&B Italia. Known as Moretti Inspired, tiles more often win their shape and color or finish off a theme or theme, making them stand out visually, their appearance or tone.

But bathroom tiles don’t only need color to look great. The process is very simple and only after this color treatment process it’s time to actually start tiling. There are several options you can choose from and there are some dosages and best ideas to follow in order to make your dream come true. And for that you will need to make a list of date, utility dimensions, etc.

After the gray and blue combination comes it’s time to look for inspiration. It would be best to use a scale model. Accent colors may help you personalize the room more easily, although there is nothing wrong with a model that conveys what you want in terms of bathroom suite. You might, however, be better off customizing it yourself. For instance, you could start with a plain and simple ceramic floor tile and then add some finishing touches such as the accent feature wall, custom accessories or furniture white is case this one.

An option would be to have musical artifacts or some vinyl records. So why not invite them on the bathroom walls where these types of tiles can really channel some of that relaxing and relaxing atmosphere you’re used to?

Bathroom Tiles Photos By Elías Rizo & Eduardo De Renter, Studio 7 Photo 4

Not a fan of classical tile? Now is your chance. Take a look at these classical bathroom designs. They’re all really simple and meant to be a relaxing and relaxing environment. The water color is really nice and soothing and the design also maintains a modern and minimalist look.{found on flickr}.

Bathroom Tiles Photos By Elías Rizo & Eduardo De Renter, Studio 7 Photo 5

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