Lounge House Designed By MOSTA + CAMPUS + CHROMA

The cafe house “Lounge House” is located in Bucharest, Romania and was designed by MOSTA + CAMPUS + CHROMA in 2016.

The main space is a mixture of old and new, industrial and residential, a hybrid that emphasizes the interest of nature through the natural light, ventilation and views.

Lounge House by MOSTA + CAMPUS + GEARDEN:

Lounge House Designed By MOSTA + CAMPUS + CHROMA Photo 3

We started in the “non-profit” category, which made our first purchase through sustainable organizations, creating a concept of “green living” through purchasing capabilities and other improvements.

The design objective was to create a functional open space where store owners and their guests could stay and enjoy their products.

The open space is “designed” with a focus on the relationship between man (or creatures) within it and nature through the use of natural light, air, and shadows, with the emphasis on concept and impression.

The double function plan results in a good thermally comfortable and environmentally friendly interior, which contrasts with the closed outer spaces of the residential spaces.

The relationship between customer and dealer is key, with the design team’s goal “to reach a balance that establishes the relationship and the priorities of the investors.

The spatial organization of the open space is organized into a variety of smart and service zones overlapping and completing each other, allowing the free flow of information and positive interactions between the customer and his or her activities.”

Photos courtesy of the MOSTA + CAMPUS + CAMPUS

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