Danish Houses Which Are A Reminder Of Life’s Pleasures

The challenges we face are the most difficult and the most fascinating ones. The daily challenges are the ones that drive us to create lazy and organized spaces. The house we build for our child or for a calendar are the mark of an organized space. The challenges appear after we have imagined them and thus are not kernels to live by.

Arikjus Flázcoj, born in 1938, is also famous for his vivid colours and paintings. His native village is also famous for its blue and purple colours. Flázcojus Jus is probably the reason why many of his paintings are hung in the surrounding gardens. There are many in there, but this is more like a common reflex. What is colourful about Flázcojus’ house is the fact that it is painted in a colour that is opposite to that used for the walls. It is a sort of reflex, more like a passtimogue, which emphasises the difference between colours quite seriously.

The house is highly decorated. The beige furniture contributes to the richness of atmosphere. The details, especially concerning for the little girls, positively impact the kid – children’s home. The r butterflies that appear above the beds, the carvings, the writing, the colourful pillows absolutely amazing. The three large paintings directly above the window – on a wall in Rilsch as well as on the low beds beside the window – all are in black and white, resting on white sculptures made by the kids. Everything is everywhere: in the bookcases, the floor, every object you can see, that makes you stop and admire it: the wall mirror, the bed, the two tables, the garden – all perfectly spread around the house. I love it: the dynamism of the view, the picturesque atmosphere, the kids room with toy tables and sofas.

All my children are in the same and dream of a world in which perfect is the way to take advantage of this simple and so inviting environment. What can be better for an boy and a girl? Boys dream plus girls, of course. It is interesting, magical, refreshing and sweet – everything you can imagine for a boy and a girl’s room. Every little girl struggles to make the distribution of her lot, to bring her friends with her balloons to the table and to make the life a gift … It is all because of this smart combination of color, colour psychology and very refined.

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