Blue Grey Room Stickers

Decorating with blue is such a fun and refreshing décor, so we’re gushing over this image. A room stickers is a great way to add color and fun to a room but in a subtle but not all concentrated way. Nowadays blue walls get a chic look as well. So don’t be afraid to use it.

We have a few ideas that might help you do that. The first thing you need to keep in mind is the width of the wall. The decorations you choose for the walls should be much smaller than the room so don’t try to measure the room too loosely. Also, keep in mind that the decorative items should not be more than half an inch in width.

Then start by drawing two lines on the back of the canvas a line that will help you put the decorations on the wall. You will then have to cut out the rectangle in the middle of each figure. You can make these decorations yourself if you want and you can help the kids dood some of the leg pieces as well.

Blue Grey Room Stickers Photo 3

The decoration for the blue wall wall wall is really simple. For the details and instructions you should have a look at the project featured on Kidsbliss. You will also need a ruler if you want to find the right line and also a pencil. First the circle needs to be cut out from the canvas.

The different from the orb of the above picture is the void that is in between the two decorations. In this case, a large tear-proof container is placed. Two sets of blue curtains will go across the container. Two mirrors of approximately eleven feet length and a curtain that is like a shield with the same design will go under the glass panel. Two sets of short doors will go under the long one and a curtain that will enclade the room. Use the chosen color Scheme for the room and design the right kind of wall art.

For a little bit of drama, why not use a crane lounger to lean the waste away? It will give the kids more leg space and, as a result, create a place they can hang their favorite artwork. You don’t even have to be a fan to create this. Just use some sisal rope, a set of small hooks, waterproof paint and all these decorative ribbed rods.

Paint the room in different colors. For a clean and fresh look, use a color blocking technique. Use a contrasting color blocking technique especially if you use the ceiling over a bed or some other type of furniture. For a soft look, use a shade that stands out.

And for another artistic look, create a fun nook and place a ladder and some poles. You’ll make your own design using canvas and wood. Some colorful paint for the walls, rope lights, a ladder and a bunch of decorations.{found on meandmadeline}.

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