Aqua Coffee Tables By Labranners – The Pool Divider

These unusual coffee tables were designed by Karim Rashid for the Stockholm-based manufacturerLabranners. They’ve been inspired by various real pools but naturally borrow qualities from such as fluidity and organic shape. The design is very impressive, both in terms of materials and design but also in the visual effect. The pool divider is made of three sections that can be easily transformed into two separate pieces. One is a piece of concrete while the other two are made of aluminum. The first divider is used as a towel rail and, because it has a towel rail on it, it protects the user’s feet from getting scratched by water. The second divider has a black shade and it serves both as a rail for getting wet and for storing things on.

The table was created using simple supplies such as a sheet of plywood and lots of foam. The material and the colors used for its design were a combination of glass, wood and aluminum. The base that serves as a support has two functions. It can be used as a table or a shelf and it can accommodate a variety of different products.

It’s definitely an interesting piece, with an organic design and an unusual design. Plus the base definitely makes it stand out. The table was designed to be used outdoors like a dining table but it can also be an interesting storage unit for your car or for your garden shed, entryway or office.

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