Raw Wood Desk Lamp From Plygo.

Plygory lamp has the unusual and eye-catching shape which is made of using a very ingenious and smart system of tubes that hang from the ceiling and with independent controlled spring system. Thus you can make your own design and work, for different angles and different feelings. The fact that it is an empty lamp, so to say, offers enough light in case you want to read a book, but not so much in case to make your work more original.

It is definitely unusual and eye-catching, but I must admit it is not for everyone. Mostly I love the name of this lamp. It is funny to see a boring wooden lamp, as it looks like the one in the movies, but not so attractive as you think. But once you realize how handy it is to make a lamp for your home, like this one for example, you realize it is time to get it practical.

If you fill a wall space with wide white shelves, which are actually perfect in this case, and you want to let the light in, this lamp seems perfect. It is not just practical, as it provides energy-saving light bulbs, too, so you don’t have to worry about that. It looks really interesting and can be bought for a price between $45 and $275.

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