Modern Built In Bookshelves

Bookshelves are very practical in any home. They are very practical because you get to use them a lot, either vertically or horizontally. But sometimes you just don’t find the space for several books, either books with very little space available, etc. So you either throw them all on the floor in the middle of the room you’ve chosen or simply use the shelves for storage.

It’s a very good reason to have built-in storage solutions. We’re talking about spaces such as the living room where you can use the shelves for storing all sorts of objects that you don’t use often. It’s always a good idea to be clever and come up with multiple solutions for small shelves. For example, you can use the wall between the room closets to store your scarves or dresses. This way you won’t waste space and you’ll also protect your closet and room so it’s a nice solution for rooms with low ceilings.

Modern Built In Bookshelves Photo 2

In the living room, the shelves aren’t just a storage solution. You can also use them to store books. Of course, bookshelves are also very useful in the bedroom. Use the shelves to store extra blankets, extra pillows and even some blankets that you would normally use on a bed. Or maybe in the living room, to store blankets and sofas on which to keep your luggage. You can use the shelves anywhere you want.

You can also use the shelves anywhere you want: the ceiling, the walls, the furniture in the living room, the hallway, the bathroom, the office, etc.

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