Japanese Soak Tub Made Out Of Concrete

Japanese tea houses are very popular all over the world. Nowadays, we can expect to find all sorts of models, among those who prefer this type of tea. But there are also those who like versatility and love the idea of repurposing things. We found this interesting but simple and also unusual Japanese Tea House Tea House B&B designed by EANA. It’s located in Matsudama District, Osaka Prefecture, Japan and it can be bought for 230.20 euros.

On a long hallway some shelves were arranged from the first floor to the middle. The middle section is for the most important items and they need to be strengthened, while the top shelf is for the smaller ones. It’s been made from concrete composite and it’s filled with air pockets that do not allow the light to escape. The purpose behind these pocket holes was to break the air out so that the tea-like effect of transparent glass can be admired. The pocket holes were made by filling them with air.

The result is an industrial-looking piece of furniture with an interesting design and a ingenious look. The Tea House is filled with tiny light-walls that are operated with minimal tools and materials. The material used is fiberboard insulation and has a 100% cotton protective surface. It’s a green item that was designed to be airtight and breathable. Because the material is already flexible, when a subsequent layer of paint or some other treatment, it will no longer be able to keep its shape because it will no longer be in contact with the air in one piece.

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