Converting A Warehouse Into A Home – As Easy As Balancing A Historic Building

The exterior of this converted warehouse located in Sydney, Australia, is an interesting mix of old and new. The building itself dates back to the 19th century and has a rich history. The renovation was done in collaboration with architect Max Spilk+Tina Tziak. It seems as though the building has been abandoned and converted into a home. Yet, all it needs is to be now like old. The old wooden floor from the old staircase is priceless.Photograph from Fikran Camiuose.

The main purpose of this project was to take advantage of the industrialarnage as much as possible. It was a challenging project but the idea was successful. What is now a beautiful warehouse covers an area of 20,000 square foot and it has been fully renovated. The main materials used in this project are concrete and steel. The warehouse has a symmetrical design and a modern and simple look.

Converting A Warehouse Into A Home – As Easy As Balancing A Historic Building Photo 2

It’s a very calm and zen retreat, away from all the noise and stress of the city. It’s almost an independent place but it feels very serene and relaxing. The location of this home is very convenient. It allows you to enjoy non technological systems such as phone, air conditioning, etc. and it also doesn’t allow you to require a change of location. The location is zen so serene and quiet and it would be impossible to resist the temptation to leave the property when going on a vacation.

The house was originally built in the 1930s. It was a very beautiful home and an imposing structure with beautiful architecture and a very distinguished interior. However, some respect for the past and the charm of the house is visible. Since it was such a difficult project, almost no physical effort was put into the renovation. The house has preserved almost half of it. When it was renovated, almost half of the structure also had to be demolished. The beams and metal trusses were replaced and new systems were created.

The house is now a semi-retirement house. It serves mostly as a home but also as a workspace. It’s why it’s surprising how such a small place could so benefit from such a great location. The structure was first used as an army beoyer hall. The space was transformed into an inviting living room, dining room and kitchen. It has classical architectural details and modern additions that allowed the transformation.

The interior design is a combination of traditional and modern. The hall features a series of modern mirrors on the ceiling that further contribute to the overall décor.The living room features a beautiful chandelier. The ceiling integrates a series of lamps that maintain the same minimalist, bright décor. The dining room is spacious and functionally decorated. The house has an impressive brick wall with a simple brick beam ceiling.

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