L Shaped House With Garage In Flat Space, Large Living Area And Staircase

This is an unusual but very interesting house, with an interesting design and an impressive structure. The house is located in Las Condes, Santiago, Chile. It was built in 2010 and it was designed by CC Arquitectos. The project team was composed of Isaac Garcia Figueiredo, Brian van der Weil, Roberto Morez and Carlos Camenzind, among others. As always, the client has a big personality for this point and this is very important for a project like this. This request was not an easy one.

The architects had to design a house for an art collector that uses his waterfront properties to offer him privacy and comfort. Because of that, the house had to offer plenty of space for that purpose. The shape also needed to be very functional, so the house has three floors that feature terraces, which are extensions for the main living rooms.

The garage is situated on the first floor. It seems like an ideal location for storage rooms and it’s actually very cozy and inviting, despite the imposing building. The house is not only functionally designed but also visually striking. The garage is integrated into a wide atrium. This area is filled with light that floods the entire house. The design of the house is modern and simple but filled with interesting details and decorations.{pics by Sergio Majo & found on archdaily}.

L Shaped House With Garage In Flat Space, Large Living Area And Staircase Photo 3

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