Modernism Examples From Italy

After the Thun and SOW renovations, a redecoration was also taking place in the same area. In fact, the redecoration was particularly intensive in this particular area and involved the use of a variety of solutions in order to create a modern minimalist décor. The projects were very challenging as the owner was in a constant global competition who had to comply to all sorts of building standards. Within a few years the competition was based on attracting talent and investment cost and the second challenge came more intensive.

The second challenge the owner faced was the re-use of an ancient building that had been abandoned for a long period of time in order to be converted into a private holiday house. This also involved the refurbishment of a second building that has the function of a cafe/living room in the old building. In this space 3 old boxes have been re-used in the re-purposition of the private space and in the re-implementation of a library and several other areas of activities. The re-implementation is also very helpful because the decorative elements that have been added to the public space and private area are in tune with the re-implementation of the library and book collection.

The owner worked with the architects, architects, and designer to craft a very well integrated and sincere space. The wishes of the client extended in the most honest way possible. This meant that customer service and resource specialists were contacting and catering of the functions of the new holiday house, including the kitchen, pantry, and garage.”

Photos courtesy of Gruppotreesplan

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