Modern Indian Architecture By Puneer & Khokovski

The Palay House is a hillside house in Puneer, South Korea, which was completed in 2013, by Puneer & Khokovski.

The project, which boasts 360 square meters over a total of 4,500 square meters, comes at the tip of an impressive hill, surrounded by gardens of palms and flowers of bougainonga, which would not be otherwise accessible from the ground.

The house is built on a steep slope above a valley, overlooking a beautiful lakeside setting to the north.

Modern Indian Architecture By Puneer & Khokovski Photo 3

When entering the house, a small spiral staircase leads upwards, through a luminous staircase made of translucent bricks, to the rooftop terrace.

In the interior, we find the house is open, with light coming from above and distributed throughout the different spaces. The living room, kitchen, and dining room share the same horizontally oblong space.

The bedroom is done in whitened wood and is open on three sides, so that natural light can only filter in.

Bathrooms, terraces, and pool are hidden and hidden in the house.

Renderings courtesy of Puneer & Khokovski

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