Modern Beach House Plans In Sweden

We’ve seen all of them, some of them grand and impressive others, but there’s one that stands out and makes the biggest statement. It’s the case of this beautiful summer cottage. It was built for a couple located in a quiet area, reading and running away from work to a weekend retreat.The cottage was built back in 2003 and it has been recently renovated by Andersen Maderas Architects. It’s a beautiful 5-bedroom house situated in a beautiful lake village, just a few minutes from the heart of Stockholm.

The cottage has a steel frame and expanded wall insulation with additional energy efficiency. It also features radiant floor heating. The architects used natural and local materials and integrated the house into a very simple and organic structure. Given the fact that the house is almost entirely built with concrete, it would be fair to consider this a luxury, like in the case of a cottage in the mountains which has a solid frame and exterior wooden walls.

Modern Beach House Plans In Sweden Photo 2

Simplicity was also the main design strategy of the architects. The building naturally integrates into the landscape and the small plot of land on which it was built. They used simple strategies to make it feel comfortable and natural.

The house sits on a gentle slope with room for three on each level. The entrance is on the lowest level and has a set of stairs with built-in shelves. The living room and dining room are adjacent to the kitchen and living space through a central space that acts as a transitional axis. The social area is with full height glass walls. A terrace built around the sliding glass doors completes the outdoor space.

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