Houses With Flat Roofs Featuring Beautiful Views And Open Outdoor Spaces

House N by Takeshi Hosaka Architects.

Japanese architecture firm Hosaka Architects created this contemporary concrete house in pre-demolished state. Located in Sikoku, Japan, the house is minimalist, with its concrete walls and large glass windows. It sits in a plot that measures over 10,000 square feet, and it presents a few surprising features, including a suspended bridge that spans the height of the house. There’s also a bridge to connect the two volumes, which have to be completed in two phases, leaving the others to take their place like in a game,

The house is opened with full sliding doors. The internal layout is as simple as possible. The rooms are arranged around such a oblique axis. The kitchen and the living room and connected by a transition space. There’s also a dining room with modern furniture and stylish chairs. The room has large windows throughout so it can be used both as a living room and dining room.

Also, there are several levels that extend from the house, their role being to create spacious internal courtyards and to let the natural light invade the inner spaces.

The interior décor is kept simple and neutral with natural shades and wood accents. This, together with the use of clear glass for the walls and glass flooring allows light to brighten the rooms.

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