Coach Home By Kengo Kato & Associates

The Coach House was designed by Kengo Kato & Associates, and it is located in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

The home’s unique exterior is enhanced by its beautifully landscaped interior, a marvel of innovation and creativity.

Coach House by Kengo Kato & Associates:

“This is a house for a married couple.

The space of the house is like a reflection of her personality.Secret entrance, living room, dining room, kitchen, and some medium room with a balcony was arranged on the second floor.

The curved line in the facade, visible through the glass windows, makes the space seem more dynamic. The atmosphere of high-tech evolution and of contemporary architecture makes the space a pleasant and unique one.

An inner courtyard in the middle of the site was the source of the challenge and due to the ideal proportions suggested, the architects were able to decorate it with the least architectural elements. The house plan, energy-saving architecture, an elevated top floor, were all integrated elements.

In order to achieve comfort and feeling of safety again, glass was the main element that was used for the structural elements, and then the same metallic material was combined with wood.

The round windows were made of glass, so it guarantees a spectacular view through the house. For the radiant and full of light, variable frames were used to fulfill the tasks.

In order to prevent so much space for many people, the floor was expanded to form a huge space that could be used very airy, but not so much as to suffocate us. That is the best way to work and work in a house; you only need to get a job that can result in the creation of extra rooms, a bigger bathroom, and two or three bedrooms and hallways.

You can have privacy and concentration at your own pace if you stay with the existing and the space from the rest of the house, or it can be your passion, as in the case of a man cave in the middle of nature.”

Photos courtesy of Kengo Kaede

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