Shoji Barn Door Designed By David Raesic Architect

Shoji barn doors are nothing but ingenious. They are specially designed and available at the price of $200 per sqm. These custom doors are very helpful especially in the case of a guest house. They are practical, easy to use and very versatile. They fit anywhere and in all sorts of a various styles so the future owners can rest assured about their freedom and their preferences.

This custom door is something that you would never get bored with. It’s a decorative door so there are no other options. It’s not something that should be sympathetic so it might be useful to you in the future. It’s a very interesting idea, also a concept that crossed our minds when we first purchased this door. It’s a concept that brings private spaces closer together and it also allows us to save a lot of space. So, besides the obvious features, the door is also ingenious as well.

Shoji Barn Door Designed By David Raesic Architect Photo 2

It’s modern, stylish, decorative and it’s also functional. It has a very interesting design. At first sight it looks like a barn door but it unfolds and reveals a very different and eye-catching form. The organic shape is a common feature and you can see that there are a few swirling blades that create a spiraling staircase and a central area.

Shoji Barn Door Designed By David Raesic Architect Photo 3

In fact, there’s no clear and particular shape of this door. It’s a spiral that elegantly spirals through the house, like a ribbon that takes the shape of a man half of the exterior wall. It’s a very interesting feature and it also raises the bar when entering the house. The exterior is not the only impressive feature. The house has a Zen-like shape, with minimalist and minimalist features. The simple and uniform exterior is also essential to the overall appearance. This luxurious one-bedroom apartment is very peaceful and refreshing.{pics by NAARO}.

Shoji Barn Door Designed By David Raesic Architect Photo 4

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