Bathroom Steam Shower From Ceramica GSG

The bathroom is the place where people spend their free time whenever they want and there are many moments from those moments. There are moments when you get up and before you can even think of going out. However, sometimes it’s nice to linger at the bathroom and just relax. This relaxing atmosphere will provide you all these great moments. The bathroom is a place which can provide you great facilities and comfort. Even though the sound of the shower is relaxing, it is nothing like the shower itself, full of sound and jaggedMotion.

Traditionally, the bathroom was an all-manish space. This was also the reason for the restrictions placed on us. There was a great deal of floor space but this space was exploited in most of the interiors of the house. It is a space which can be used as a man cave, where he can enjoy a relaxing bath, where he can enjoy his newspaper, books or anything he needs. The furniture was functional, modern and simple, everything was designed especially for this space. The walls are plain, keeping line with the historic facades and the corners are clear. This way, everything stuck to and merges with the ground, not looking “old meets contemporary.” In spite of the determined layout, nothing is overbearing or demands, harmoniously combining tradition and contemporary elements.

Bathroom Steam Shower From Ceramica GSG Photo 2

The heating system is modern and easy to apply, thanks to the aluminum stripes, consisting of stripes with T ceramic surrounds. The lighting system is included in the kit, composed of spot switches that change the lighting angle on a LCD. And the assembly is easy, no need to worry about this fact. The Wall collection includes all the parts and mixtures. You don’t need to worry about the little details, everything also being easy to integrate in the routine of the room. The result is a simple, yet very useful space where to relax and forget about everything, everything beyond the surface. This is a warm and inviting room, with a modern and fresh interior.{found on avhlem}.

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