Wall Mount Tv Shelf Ideas By Gabriele Centazzo

Even though the winter holidays are usually more demanding than expected, you never have to worry when you still have to choose between the two. You would relax in your living room, watch a movie or the freezer with your best friend while you’re all waiting for the loved ones to arrive and you’re looking for that special someone. It’s the season that also brings the sojourn in nature. It’s not the same as in the summer when you’re very busy making all sorts of changes in your home. It’s a different period when you usually need to simply decorate the house and adapt the decor to your preferences.

The wall mount TV console is a very modern creation and it comes in several bold colors. It was designed by Gabriele Centazzo for Malan, a company that offers an extensive range of products to enhance any home. The wall cabinet is available in several different colors such as white, blue, green, red, orange, burgundy and coral and those are all very bold and beautiful. The cabinet has a robust construction. It sits on wheels which makes it very easy to move around. Just remove the shelves and the console underneath and turn it upside- down. It’s a minimalist piece with sculptural and eye-catching designs that offer freedom in a simple and efficient way.

The Centemporary wall cabinets feature a combination of French calligraphy technique and hand-craft design that gives them a subtle antique look. The large pink offset background accents the antique bronze metalwork. These three elements coexist in a single harmonious décor although the contrasting features are strengthened through a fresh touch. The cabinets have ceramic walls covered in rubberwood.

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