Oceanside Houses With Luxurious Features And Views By M2 Project

Caribbean Islands have always been a favorite for sceneries enthusiasts. With their luxurious features and modern and yet their unique charm, these islands definitely have a charm of their own.

This lovely home is an Oceanside retreat designed by M2 Project in collaboration with Sebastian Herkner, structural engineer, architect and builder. Located in the southern ocean off the coast of CV La Trobe and overlooking the seafront, this house is the perfect place for a family to retreat and relax. It was designed as a versatile shell with services such as bathrooms and bedrooms on both levels.

The house is meant to maximize both family pleasure and intimacy. Its interior is simple, contemporary and filled with luxurious details. The living room features a gorgeous fireplace which, apart from its functionality, also allows users to create a soothing and comfortable ambiance.

The ground floor is a large and open space which the users can use as a social area. The double-height living room, the dining area and the kitchen are all situated on this level. The first floor is divided into two separate areas. There are two bedrooms, each with its own décor characteristics and a different color scheme but all in a single space.

Oceanside Houses With Luxurious Features And Views By M2 Project Photo 4

An area in between them is a service area. It contains laundry room and a series of facilities such as a laundry room, a serving room, a laundry room, a greenhouse and a shower. This volume is separated from the rest of the house through the remainder of the spaces.

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