Small Pool House Ideas From Twist Architecture

As a young child, people love being on a good and beautiful property. However, a few days or some time away may he decide to move with or have a family, perhaps it is time for a change. There are many people who love to enjoy and live on such huge properties for the joy of others and especially from the swimming pool. It is not only the owner of such huge estate, but also the guests and family members that love to enjoy a good meal in the swimming pool of an exceptional site.

Twoshavy gabled structure serves as the perfect link between the house and the big pool. It was designed by Twist Architecture and form the resistance to the many falling water courses on the side of the building.

Small Pool House Ideas From Twist Architecture Photo 2

The shape of the house was used to gain panoramic and expansive views in the back side .Inspired by the branches of the Faya Canal, Twoshavy ribbon structure is designed to protect the internal space from rain and other harsh weather.

The use of the timber frame construction, external structural solutions and all internal finishes were chosen using timber cubes and internal steel frame in order to leave the most area as untouched as possible. The use of timber is also linking all areas of the house.

Small Pool House Ideas From Twist Architecture Photo 4

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