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A good friend once told me that most of the times, if a piece of furniture looks just like a table, you can’t be sorry about that. Well, I can see why Ikea has never finished making this kind of things but I still struggle for the balance and balance after each and every new piece. You never know the difference.

The problem is that there are so many Ikea hacks and ideas you might enjoy. One of them is to have a sofa table in the living room if you have a big family or maybe the living room if you’re not even living alone in small spaces. Whatever the case may be, we have one item that we want to share with you today: a table lamp. It doesn’t look very exciting but it’s fun.

A table lamp is a light bulb that is mounted on a wall. It can be used to create a metaphorical bridge between night and day, season and season, season and gender, etc. But even though this is an old hack, the idea is very original, fun and original and it’s also very effective. Plus it would also be a quite useful addition to the kitchen when you’re doing serving drinks.

Because it’s a table lamp, it has multiple uses. You can light it up in the evening, during the day, on the hallway, in the living room or even in the bedroom as needed by people. You can also use it to light your desk during the day. It’s also a great night lamp at night because it’s transparent and it also has a long swing to use as a swing when you’re reading or sleeping. It’s fun and it looks great. You can purchase the lamp for just $149.99.

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