Narrow Lot House In Kfar Architects & Planners

When faced with such challenging site, faced with a lot of trees and with the rather narrow lot for a construction, some architects and designers decided to take a different approach and try to come up with something innovative and practical. You might wonder how could a house with a 25 square meter floor plan look like. Well, you’re not necessarily looking at a lot divided into lots. This house in Kfar Architects & Planners is actually quite the compact structure.

The house is located in Östermalm, Sweden and has a beautiful courtyard with an elevated bedroom. This unusual house was designed and built by HvA, an architectural and design firm made by Alfred Sundberg. The courtyard has an interesting shape as well. It seems like an elongated bunch of rooms so the architects wanted to maintain that shape so. With the courtyard we can expand the internal spaces and to enlarge the small rooms. The glass wall lets in the sunlight and the beautiful landscape that surrounds the house.

Narrow Lot House In Kfar Architects & Planners Photo 2

What’s also interesting is the connection between the house and the forest. The guest bedrooms are very well organized in this courtyard. The house is oriented towards the forest, where the roofs are covered by high vegetation. This allows it to be cozy during the summer and it also offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape, which is more like heaven. The interior and exterior spaces are framed by stone walls and lush vegetation, so the house is designed for nature. The trees give the feeling of proximity and the views are furthermore carefully reflected.

Narrow Lot House In Kfar Architects & Planners Photo 4

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