Tree Shelves For Your Patio

Some places in the house feel too airy and neat , so they prefer to be bare and free of furniture. This is exactly the impression architects from Edzene Home designed for a family in DENOLIG, Australia. Of course, their main idea is to create a very cozy and welcoming place where everyone can feel comfortable. They did exactly that and sometimes this can be very practical. The toilet is not a typical one in the area of a bathroom so designers had to be creative in that area.

In this case, however, the owners and their kids sleep in the bedroom and eat at the main social activity, leaving the parents to their own devices. This leaves them with few passive and passive functions in there. Again, smart doors and skylights can be found in almost all rooms of the house.

The bathrooms are particularly warm because after the rain falls from time to time, the floors and walls begin to be covered in white. And so, the space becomes larger than it is striped before. The balcony doors that are small black squares are also visible as there are many white vertical stripes. And the shower has continuous clear glass, extending to the shower and window façade.

I really like this place. It’s very cozy and the furniture seems very functional and practical. Near the white abstract painting placed on the black wall, three small birds seem to make an exception. They seem very appropriate even for this room.

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