Simple Small House In New York By Density

This tiny but equally attractive house has been designed by density. The site is in a residential area in New York called 7 East St, Chicago. As you can see, the houses size is not always big. It doesn’t always space-efficient and impractical to build on. In fact, even though the property measures only a total of 50 square feet, it was surprisingly spacious and quite an impressive sight.

The house was designed for two owners. One is a 48-year-old engineer who occasionally works for his company and plans to retire. He needs somewhere to live so he tries to find a place close to his home. That’s when the size of the project becomes overwhelming and becomes apparent in the case of this tiny home. Described as being sited on a single room, the house may seem a massive and enclosed structure but its modest size and tight internal structure makes it very airy and open. A very smart way of using these conditions. The house’s neighbors and guests can easily take a peak inside to find an open living space.

Simple Small House In New York By Density Photo 2

The large windows and glass doors expose the main living room to another one on the lower deck. It’s a charming space with wood and steel walls that define the rest of the spaces. A stone fireplace is the focal point of the room. There’s also a wood-burning fireplace surrounded by stone tiles. This ties into the living room’s chocolate brown/moss exterior. There’s also a number of small bedrooms and guest rooms, all with their own function and style. All the symbols are purely symbolic and suggestive of the inhabitants of this tiny home.{pics by John J. Mac }.

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