Dark Vs Light Wood Floors And Ceilings: A Chic Combination

Wood floors are very distinctive and sophisticated. They can be surprisingly tough to work with, especially in the living room. You have to pay special attention to the design details because they become very important for the final result. Dark-color hardwood floors look amazing when mixed with tile, especially in the kitchen, bathrooms or even in the bedroom. They add character to any space. I think it’s a very good idea to also use this material in other areas where you think it can look beautiful.

The warm and cozy softness brought by hardwood floors is not always that easy to achieve. If you like the idea of having dark colored floors but don’t want to have the floor illuminated uniformly, you won’t be able to do that. It’s why it’s best to use softer light-colored floors or your choice of tile in the bedroom. The result will be an inviting space and you’ll have a bright and airy décor.

Dark Vs Light Wood Floors And Ceilings: A Chic Combination Photo 2

Try to maintain the simple look throughout the room. You can either cover the entire floor with thick carpet or just allow the floors to be shorter than you would in other rooms. It can be a simple and neat trick that can also be applied to all the walls of the room. If you prefer a warm color for your floor, use wood that has fallen from the press into a natural shade, but leaving a smooth finish.

Dark Vs Light Wood Floors And Ceilings: A Chic Combination Photo 3

You can also create a nice effect by letting the floor stand out. Paint the floor a bold color and use warm colors closer to the entrance. This would give the room a casual and relaxed feel. So don’t use dark colors in specific areas.

If you want an interesting idea for the kitchen floor, one of the solutions would be to use colorful plates or containers. You could combine these elements and the floor would be a background image for the other décor details. For example, you can put white tableware on the floor and dark brown or silverware on the floor.

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