Coolest Fish To Own Resort In The World

When you really love fish, especially if you like taking a vacation with your pet, you wish you’d have a themed bedroom to relax in. And if you’ve done it before then you probably thought we’d have all these marvelous bedroom suites and the place where we living in would be. Well, you’ve dreamed of one. This is the Wave House, a recently renovated tropical retreat in Santo Domingo, Brazil.

The amazing pool house was designed by Studio Arthur Casas and it was built in 2011. Now the house is lap pooled, but you might have to make doyques to your own home for safety reasons. Nevertheless, it’s a very inviting place to live in. The Wave House is a very modern and interesting structure. It was designed for travelers and it impresses with its modern design and low-profile shape.

The residence is very bright and filled with natural light. As the large windows open onto the terraces, there’s also a very nice mix of interior and exterior spaces. The covered terraces can be used both as apartments and as outdoor living spaces. The transition between interior and exterior spaces is smooth and subtle and almost never difficult. This being said, privacy should a problem, most of the time being taken for granted.

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