Cool Floor Lamp By Esedra Ottavo – Amsterdam Pendant

If you’re aiming to achieve a modern design in your home, an interesting idea might be to customize and repurpose old, often bad items and parts you’d normally keep in the garage. For example, you can use your bathroom collection to make a very ingenious floor lamp. It’s useless if you’re just plain and ordinary and you don’t really know what to do with it. But if you’re proud of it and you want to bring it up in the house, it doesn’t really need as many modifications as it already already is.

This unusual lamp is actually made of an original iPod CD and it’s not even a metaphor. It’s two CDs that were transformed into a unique pendant. The iPod was placed inside the electrical cord which also meant you can easily take it outside and store it there. The unique item is called the Amsterdam Pendant. Philippe Stark and Simona Wentz has been a universe where classical and modern elements meet fresh and colorful.

Cool Floor Lamp By Esedra Ottavo – Amsterdam Pendant Photo 2

As you might have guesses, this is a pendant lamp is not actually made from CD content. It’s 100% vinyl and it comes from the United States. Even though it hides an element of surprise, the light bulb situated inside was neat and clean and left purely because of the light it offers. It’s a very interesting and original piece and it’s also a modern creation that is appreciated for its bright and colorful design. But that’s not all. As expected, the design is very simple and also original.

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