New Flooring Ideas From The Architects At Deba [ Janus Architecten]

If you are planning to renovate your home or office next time you get back from a long and difficult period of time, the new flooring ideas from the architects at Deba might be perfect for you. The flooring manufacturers from the Netherlands have just introduced “House M18E” which was inspired by the traditional Japanese floor ikonori, but with a more modern and colourful design.

What they wanted was to create a kind of functional architecture that could be loved by families and their guests who might want to relax and enjoy a great view of the surrounding landscape. The Dutch owners preferred a traditional look so they used a modern approach for their new flooring design. The architects had to get rid of all the unnecessary things and they had to create a totally new and functional structure that would combine the functionality of the kitchen with the aesthetics of a beautiful home.

The Dutch owners were quite straightforward when they decided to get rid of everything old and the things that were not there. They decided to throw out the old floor plan that was too big and had to be replaced with a much simpler and safe one. They decided to bring it back to life and to use it according to the new owners’ wishes. No original floor slabs were preserved and the dark colouring of the old features makes the floor contrast with the light-wood and white shades used inside.

The practical and functional changes they came up with were just the basics that they were looking for. The kitchen needed to be renovated and the room was repainted and refurbished in order to meet the current needs. A divider was added as a more effective buffer between the kitchen and the living area. The smoking patio was removed and replaced with a new spacious dining room. The kitchen itself can now be transformed back into a more open, friendly and bright part of the house.

On the ground floor of the dining room, a space for the family to be together was created. It features sliding doors and inside of it there are simple white walls. Like in the rest of the house, the colors used for the new design are minimalist and using a limited palette of colors and materials. The master bedroom is a little different. It’s now an open space that’s a bit more private and intimate as well. The en-suite bathroom was too reconfigured and reorganized. These areas have beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.{pictures by Vincent}.

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