Unique Fire Pit Design By Cecconi Simone

Nowadays, more and more people seem to use fire as a tool that creates warmth and comfort for their homes. Of course, some of us enjoy the moments spent in front of the fireplace, but even if nobody has used this habit around the house, it seems nice to have a flickering flame around the house. For those who do enjoy a nice fire pit here is an idea of what to do out of it. It is a concept that seems to be working very well in most homes.

I don’t know if this particular type of fire pit design has any connection to Britain, but this one makes no exception. Or maybe it is very nice to use this interior fire pit design for cuddly cozy spots around the house. It can be used as a small cold fire pit to be used on a terrace, but perhaps somewhere in an underground cave or a cave, in the middle of the city blocks where the inhabitants can gather and enjoy it. They can sit around it and take a bath, admire the fire inside or find a different way to do so…you will certainly remember!

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