Sun Porch Furniture Collection From Park Hill

Looking for some new furniture for your home? USA design and manufacturing company Park Hill is some great products to meet your needs. Today there’s something new in the world, there’s no better way to see it than with this sun porch furniture collection. It was inspired from classic Malimaguan style and it will go well with the whole garden.

The sun porch furniture collection includes benches, tables and chairs. All the pieces are made of 100% domestic material so it’s a low maintenance item. The furniture they sell are very modern and they take very little time to make. The pieces are made on American Island that are entirely virgin like all the others. The sun porch furniture collection is available in king or queen size so you can have it and your own set. The powder-coated pine frame is strong enough to support heavy pieces of furniture or maybe two strong chairs.

The collection is also expandable. The two table available is expandable by the season so you can allow plenty of time for whatever you want to put on it. The three wall hanging presented here has a simple and modern design. The dimensions are 12 3/4? x 12? and the three hook can be extended toror for additional space. Choose the style that best suits you and your home.Available for 799$.

Sun Porch Furniture Collection From Park Hill Photo 4

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