Solid Wood Sideboards

The solid wood sideboards are usually made from other lightweight materials such as wood glue or wood glue boards. They would look like small pieces of wood tied together. However, they have a very distinctive look and feel and that’s probably the main reason why they fell in love with this collection. The collection was designed by Van Staoyeringen for Brodswood.

The toned-up designs are very beautiful. There are a lot of designs for all different décors. We usually all choose neutral tones but even a little bit of color can rejuvenate a space. It’s a detail that only gets better with age and time. These modern sideboards are really cute and they are not as difficult to change or repaint. The collection was designed starting from the most basic elements in order to obtain the perfect balance. These solid wood sideboards will certainly do the job.[available on horchowandbobles}.

Solid Wood Sideboards Photo 3

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