40ft Shipping Container Home Built On A Boating Platform

When elaborating a project there are some things that never get old or are made of extreme simplicity,like shipping containers. This particular project was completed in 2010 by Patrick Nadeau from the Lim + Lu Design studio. It’s a 40 ft tall structure that doesn’t need to be filled with water or to have wheels.

The last thing one would need to think about is shipping containers. In this case we mean a structure made out of repurposed shipping containers. They are not very common and not very practical but they definitely look wonderful when put together. So here’s a great example of a great project. It shows you how you can make a shipping container home and use it as a summer retreat near the city Am Bachlberg. It’s a lovely temporary structure and it has a geometric design.

Another great use of shipping containers is building a guest house. It should be a nice and cozy getaway and you’d first have to think about the design. You can completely fill the container with water, fish and whatever else you want to add to the mix and you can then expand it, adjusting it according to your preferences and needs. Building the guest house is easy. Just make sure you measure the containers correctly. The most difficult part is building the frame and then adding the extra containers and extra columns.{found on dornobagas}.

40ft Shipping Container Home Built On A Boating Platform Photo 4

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