Sliding Shoji Screens From John Lewis

Made from plant material, these sliding shoji screens are a great way to change the look of your bedroom, entryway or lounge. John Lewis has a wide range of sliding shoji screens as a standard and many vintage designs are also available. Some vintage designs incorporate chipped knobs and hardware, while others are filled with painted shade. Depending on the age of your home, you may want to keep the look simple with just a few embellishments. These screens are available in various thicknesses, which will create your desired visual appeal.

The customizable segments come in various colors, for both modern and traditional use. Take a look at the see-through knobs available and the variety of colors they come in. This keeps them bright and moist on the floors while also allowing the air to pass through and catch fire.

Sliding Shoji Screens From John Lewis Photo 2

This long, slim design is the best choice for the porch or patio, so if you have a small patio or deck, this will be the best choice to round out the space. Most knobs are round or square.

Sliding Shoji Screens From John Lewis Photo 4

This one is a little more complex, with less than 3 knobs, but it is the best rectangular one. The black color prevents the light bulb to get too much light and keeps the light. The design is interesting, and it has something extra from the touch that is pleasant for the eyes.

This one is finished in beautiful cream and a little goes well with the chair. The curved shape gives the wooden frame a slightly feminine feel. The knobs are light and soft, and the colors chosen make it blend with the natural landscape, having all the time the easy to cleanliness of the house. The material of choice is raw wood, a very durable material that is also weather, fades easily and doesn’t show fingerprints. It is also beautifully designed.

This one has only six knobs, but it looks like a woman’s peeling off her leather heels to dance in the Music House.

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